ESG Partnership Makes Telos an Even More Eco Friendly, Low Energy and Green Cryptocurrency in 2022

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Telos ESG Partnerships are on 5ire

Telos Foundation

Telos anounced yesterday their new partnership with 5ire. A blockchain ecosystem that, as they say, brings forward Sustainability, Technology & Innovation to build the 5th industrial revolution.

At its core, 5ire Chain acts as a bridge to facilitate the world’s shift from the 4th industrial revolution, focusing on AI and technological advances, to the 5th industrial revolution, focusing on human-centered design and sustainable development.

“This worldview is profit-driven and does not imply a sustainable futurist vision. Our financial resources are finite; we cannot afford irresponsible and unchecked technological development. Thus, we must reclaim control and direction over its expansion toward humanity’s service,” said 5ire cofounder Vilma Mattila.

The aim of this partnership is to focus combined efforts on ESG initiatives and create lasting impact together.

“When I met the 5ire team and they told me what they were building, I knew right away this would be a long term relationship. They get it, I thought to myself, they really understand what we were put on this earth to do, and best of all they’re actually doing something about it” said Jeff Nowak, Head of Partnerships at Telos “We started the ESG Alliance, because there are obvious problems that have impactful solutions within reach. It’s time for us to solve them.”

5ire is a fifth-generation blockchain with a mission to bring a shift from for-profit to a for-benefit economy. 5ireChain’s main goal is to create a user-centric sustainability-driven ecosystem. This is achieved by embedding sustainability in the consensus mechanism architecture.

Telos features a robust, ESG compliant evolutionary blockchain governance system inclusive of smart contracts, advanced voting features, flexible and user-friendly fee models. The Telos EVM is the most powerful and scalable Ethereum Smart Contract platform available today, built to power Web 3.0.

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