Income Stream through Gaming | 2022 MOBA launch on Metaverse Designed by People

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Play to Earn game NoVa Battles is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). This player’s game let the people design their own metaverse and creating an income stream simultaneously reports. 

The drive to build an open ecosystem for all stakeholders requires extensive analysis before implementation. The NoVa Battles team has decided to develop a simplistic game design and game economy controlled by the community’s votes and needs – a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO during the last two years.

It is known as the People’s Game. The players drive the game, and the game’s prospects will be decided on the community’s wants. The core value of a DAO has a gradual progression in the transferral of executive power from the initial developing company to the end-users and stakeholders. The implementation of a DAO system will be gradual throughout 36 months. The vision is to have the initial game be fully revamped according to the player’s wants during the 36 months. This system enhances the game’s longevity whilst keeping the game feeling fresh for all stakeholders.

The purpose of developing NoVa Battles is to increase the growth of the blockchain industry and bring the industry’s stakeholders under one roof. Blockchain games are a medium that enhances the utility of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

All online communities, be it a blockchain-based community or a community from a different industry, can collaborate with NoVa Battles. The Shiba Inu token community or even a group of friends can develop in-game champions, NFTS, and skins to control and build an income stream. Future champions are based on the inspirations of the communities, and some proceeds are sent for furthering their cause. The company has already added a Shiba champion to the champion pool, and further exciting developments are coming up.

The company typically controls the creation of NFTs in games, but in NoVa Battles’ ecosystem, it is unique as it is driven and regulated by the players.

It seems like this game is just the beginning as Lucian, the company’s CEO, stated, “NoVa Battles will be a mobile-based game that will grow to be included on all platforms in the future whilst adding different gaming elements and blockchain features along the way, the vision is to have a dynamic metaverse build on-top of NoVa Battles.” The developers plan to develop the MOBA game as a foundation for growth. It will also lead to a metaverse surrounding the NoVa Battles. The main aim is to build the NoVa Universe.

Faytten, the founder of NoVa Battles, said, “The blockchain game industry is on the boom. With every new game, a new community is created. We decided to think out of the box and develop a community within all the communities together”.

Visit NoVa Battles’ official website to register as a beta tester – beta testers have early access to the game’s token. To learn more, check out their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts for game updates or join their official Telegram and Discord channels to chat with the NoVa Battles team!

About NoVa Battles

NoVa Battles is a play-to-earn game that enables users to slowly take control of the game whilst having an income through the game. It utilizes blockchain technology to develop a DAO and an income system for its players. This is known as the People’s Game. The players drive the game, and the prospects of the game will be decided on the community’s wants and needs.


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