Metaverse Altcoins are Flourishing in 2022 says Crypto Influencer Nicholas Merten | New Web 3.0 Cornerstone

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Newsbtc reports the development of the Metaverse and what it means for the ROI of Metaverse tokens and altcoins. And how the (the rise of better avatars on the metaverse) is becoming an important cornerstone for future business processes. 

Trader Nicholas Merten called the metaverse sector the most promising direction of the crypto market in 2022. According to the analyst, altcoins from this sector have been the leaders in terms of returns for the past few months. Metaverse tokens will be able to show similar dynamics in the next year, Merten believes.

The concept of metaverse has been around for a long time, but before its popularity was hindered by two factors: a weak technological base and distrust of the online environment.

From a “trend” metaverse started to turn into “real life” and the needs of users began to grow with an incredible speed.

The familiar 2D pictures and lack of user uniqueness became more and more of a problem.

The solution to improve metaverse came from the MetaBody, forming a new market of realistic and creative avatars behind it, and some companies are already making progress in mastering it. The MetaBody is a project that provides ultra-realistic 3D avatars for use in the meta-universe and beyond.

The MetaBody was established to develop high-end custom avatars, communities and tools to accompany holders in their metaverse experience.

“The development of the metaverse directly depends on the quality and realism of the avatar. Unique metaverse characters, moreover with the possibility to create a custom image, is a new stage of metaverse development which really feels like real life”, – comments MetaBody Studios.

The first thing one wants to see in a metaverse is a new level of quality and the universe as close to real-life as possible. The main use of the MetaBody in the metaverse. Avatars can be integrated into existing and emerging virtual worlds. However, this is not the only use, in the future, the MetaBody can be used to perform at virtual events. Avatars can hold a VR concert on their own or participate in the show of a new digital clothing collection, It is also worth noting being rendered in any surroundings and having their own social media: examples of practical use can be found on the Instagram page of user Anelie Godar.

In the future, the MetaBody Studio plans to add more file formats to ensure seamless integration into emerging metaverse and other virtual worlds.

A limited set of avatars will be custom and made according to client’s wishes. The MetaBody allows you to be anything you want. The MetaBody is not a trend that should take root in the realm of the metaverse. It is a step toward perfect quality unique avatars for metaverse users.

The MetaBody is quickly becoming a cornerstone of Web-3.0 development and integration into future business processes, it is clear that related markets serving such traction will flourish. The MetaBody project intends to offer its users some of the most versatile and exclusive avatar collections on the market, highlighting the uniqueness and individuality of its owners.


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