Telos vs AVAX vs NEAR vs Harmony One | Speed, Transactions Per Second, Block Time and Gas Fee Costs Compared

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Telos, Avax, Near and Harmony One are alternatives to Ethereum. What makes them special and which one is best. Speed; Transactions Per Second (TPS), Block Time, Cost of Gas Fees Compared.


First of all look at the TPS (transactions per second).

Harmony ONE2,000

So NEAR is the clear winner here.

But there is also the Block time:

Telos500 ms
AVAX3 seconds
NEAR1 second
Harmony ONE2 seconds

Telos is the fastest here. Overall both Telos and Near are the fastest in this comparison.


gas fees

TelosFree on native & minimal on EVM, settable by governance
0.01 TLOS (less than 1 $cent at time of writing)
AVAX0.001 AVAX (less than 1 $cent at time of writing)
NEARDepends on action. ~0.04 milliNear (Way less than 1 $cent at time of writing)
Harmony ONEIn General, transactions in Harmony network cost around $0.000001 gas fee.

Although all fees are pretty low, NEAR and Harmony ONE have the lowest gas fees.


All in all there is not much between these 4 altcoins as it comes to cost and speed. Other features like scalability and integration with other projects and dapps might be the distinghuishing factor here. And ofcourse everything is in motion. All project are constantly evolving. But looking at developments Telos has an interesting vision and future ahead at time of writing.

Sources: telos docs & Google search

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